I am now in Arfak mountains. I am accompanying a Dutch couple on a walking and wildlife watching tour for 5 days/ 4 nights. The scenery of the mountains is very beautiful as shown in the picture below.

We saw several species of birds of paradise and also butterflies, frogs, and dogs. The rainforest of higher elevation region of the mountains is unique. Villagers are friendly.

walking tour in Arfak mountains
Walking Tour in Arfak mountains

The duration of walking from Mokwam region to Lake Anggi Giji is around 3 days. Visitors who take the walking tour can stay in the house of the villagers. Actually, if visitors are tired, they could stop cars that go to Anggi or the ones that return to Manokwari city.

After guiding them, I will go to Sorong city where I am going to guide another guest on a 3-day birdwatching tour in Tambrauw regency. 

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