Mount Everest dead bodies

There are 150 bodies of climbers scattered on Mount Everest. These bodies are called immortal corpses because the corpses are like the earth where the bodies are still very intact. There were around 320 climber deaths recorded during the time Mount Everest was opened to the public, an average of 4.4 deaths every year on the mountain.

The highest in the world, reaching 8848 meters high, there are so many corpses of climbers on Mount Everest that these corpses are even used as road markers or directions for other climbers not to get lost.

For example, the most famous corpse on Everest is Greenwood or green shoes, so named because The shoes he was wearing were green before the grebet's corpse died. This is used as a guide to get to the top of Mount Everest. So it could be said that everyone who wants to climb Mount Everest will definitely encounter the bodies of climbers who died during their journey to climb this mountain. 

The question is why do people still want to climb Mount Everest even though there are so many corpses there and the death rate is high, well because this mountain is the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is the dream of every climber around the world, apart from giving satisfaction and adrenaline to conquering the highest mountain in the world, climbers.

Those who can reach the peak of Efest will also gain pride and gain respect and popularity from many people. Oh yes, climbing Mount Everest is not an easy thing, because the cost to climb Mount Everest is very high per person, requiring around 500 million Rupiah to 1 billion to make one trip which can take one to two months.

Another question. Why are the bodies on Mount Everest not evacuated for proper burial, as you know, this is not an ordinary mountain, right? Besides the extreme terrain on this mountain. It also has a very extreme climate and altitude where humans actually cannot live if they stay too long or without the help of oxygen.

At an altitude of 8000 meters above sea level, it is often referred to as the death zone or death zone because the oxygen here is very thin  Secret one third of the oxygen which is normal, so in this death zone our lungs have to work three times as hard to get normal oxygen, that's why many climbers have to do acclimatization, namely by spending a lot of time at high altitudes so that their bodies get used to the thin oxygen at high altitudes and also using tubes.

Oxygen in the virus death zone [Music] It should also be noted that many of the corpses climbing were at an altitude of 8000 meters above sea level as a comparison to the altitude at which commercial airplanes usually operate. 

Even if helicopters can reach these corpses, there are still many obstacles such as location which is dangerous and impossible and the climate is so extreme that even manual evacuation efforts are not recommended there because it will cause more fatalities like in previous cases because climbing Mount Everest by yourself is already very difficult, especially with Mang evacuating or carrying corpses, this is very risky and also requires very large costs considering that there are 150 corpses scattered on this mountain .

Therefore, it was decided by many parties that it was better to leave the corpses climbing there and not be touched by the corpses, which could also become warning to other climbers about the dangers of the highest mountain in the world, namely Mount Everest.

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